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Online Banking

With instant 24/7 access to online financial management, we make it easier for you to control your spending, manage your payments, and save more! With online banking you can easily:

  • Check all of your account balances at once
  • View your most recent transactions
  • Make a one-time transfer between your accounts
  • Schedule automatic transfers between accounts
  • Make a loan payment within accounts
  • Schedule a one-time bill payment

See our F&M E-Pay service in action by clicking the Bill Pay Demo link in our Online Banking Center.

Sign up today by clicking the New User link in our Online Banking Center.

Check out the Safe Online Banking Brochure for some good information on protecting your information


FinanceWorks powered by Quicken allows you to see your complete financial picture across thousands of financial institutions and creditors all in one place. It’s the ultimate money management tool that helps you track spending, create budgets, set up alerts, track your spending/savings by category, and manage your money for all accounts. Simply add your credit cards, other bank accounts, 401(k) and investment accounts to FinanceWorks, and let it keep up with the balance in all of these accounts. It's the ultimate personal financial management software.   

F&M EPay

EPay is now included in the same system as online banking instead of having two different log-ins. You can sign up for EPay from the online banking page instead of having to sign up in the bank. With the convenience of EPay you can:

  • Easily and electronically pay bills online instead of sending your own personal paper check.
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Receive Ebills instead of paper copies in the mail
  • Set up alerts for payment due, payment past due, and personal reminders

Text Banking

It is an easy way to get small bits of your account information quickly. Simply text one of our short codes listed below to 454545 and you will receive the information via text message. You can also set up notification messages to be sent out automatically on every Friday or when your balance drops to a certain amount.

  • BAL (primary account balance)                                                              
  • BAL ALL (all account balances)
  • LAST (last 5 transactions on primary account)
  • BAL CHK (balances of all checking accounts)
  • BAL SAV (balances of all savings accounts)
  • TRANS $ (transfers funds to primary account)
  • STOP (un enroll from service)
  • HELP (send info on short codes, how to use)

Turbo Tax

Turbo tax tools and advice can help you plan financial decisions and take advantage of tax savings. You can project next year’s taxes, plan a major life change, or save for retirement. Use Tax Caster: your quick and easy tax refund estimator.


You can now set up notifications that will be sent to your e-mail such as:

  • Balance less than/greater than
  • Payment due
  • Payment past due
  • Personal Reminder
  • Periodic Balance

 Purchase Rewards

Turn your everyday purchases into cash. Activate the offers for cash back at the stores you like to shop at. Shop in these stores and redeem your offers by using your F&M MasterCard® Debit Card. Then enjoy cash deposited right into your account at the end of the next month. Log in to Online Banking to learn more.